Amadaz - Dapp Auto Market Maker Protocol

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An AM (Amadaz - Dapp Auto Market Maker Protocol) can be thought of as an algorithm that instantly finds liquidity for those wishing to buy or sell a digital asset.
To complete trades, the algorithm utilizes liquidity pools, which are composed of cryptocurrencies lent to the protocol by liquidity providers. This removes the need for a "middleman" type of exchange like a traditional market-making method.

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About Amadaz

1. Color & Font Style

The color system and fonts are clear, you can add or customize them as you like.

2. Component Library

The component library is available in a variety of cases and states.

3. Color System

Built-in light to dark colors with multiple levels, quick to customize.

4. Built on the principles of Ant Design

This UI Library was built on the principles of Ant Design and optimized for Figma. Save hundreds of hours and use React, Angular, or Vue library to have your projects developed. The system is frequently updated and used by the best companies.

Features in Amadaz

- Decentralized Wallet (5 Screens)

- Buy Crypto (14 Screens)

- Send Crypto (5 Screens)

- Receive Crypto (3 Screens)

- Swap Crypto (5 Screens)

- Add Liquidity (12 Screens)

- Pools (7 Screens)

- Farms (6 Screen)

- Jungles (6 Screen)

- IPO (8 Screen)

- Browser run Dapp (3 Screens)

- Setting (22 Screens)


- Neatly organized & layered

- Customizable useful components 

- Component variants

- Component auto layout

- Color & Font Variables

File Include

- 120+ Components

- 100+ Styles

- 60+ Premium Icons 

- 12 Features

Google Free Font: DM Sans

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Amadaz - Dapp Auto Market Maker Protocol

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